Check out our latest Rugs…Moving fast from under our feet, to yours…

Whilst stocking levels still remain high we are clearing all rugs to make room for new stock.  All rugs already at low prices are currently half price, yes 50% off.  Do not miss out as the rug rack is packed with many different colours and designs.  From man-made to wool, your choice, enhance a room or warm the laminate flooring ready for winter.

We also over a bespoke service…Having a carpet fitted?  What to do with the left over pieces?

We can turn your unavoidable waste or extend your pieces to cater for an attractive rug, practical mat or runner, complimenting what you have just had installed.  All you have to decide is the type of finish or edging, we’ll do the rest.  The majority of our customers have colour matched whipping edges but the options are endless.  Ask when booking your new carpet and we will take you through your options.

Don’t forget those luxury carpet accessories, stair rods, trims or shims, we are your local supplier. We can measure plan and advise the best for your selected carpet, with our bespoke fitting service which can always be relied on.  Available on display in store are many colour and style variations.