Please Help Becs Family and Friends Save Her Life

Please Help Save Becs

Bec is a lady who can light up a room with her infectious humour and ability to make you feel at ease. Superwoman would not be an understatement for someone who has studied hard and become a registered community psychiatric nurse in a job she loves. Alongside this, Bec is a devoted Mum to 3 boys, her youngest is just 2 years old.

Bec has brain cancer, a very aggressive form of tumour known as Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).

Bec needs our help to fund alternative treatment, she would not ask herself, but her family and friends will, they know the importance of getting this superwoman back in full working order for her kids, patients and anyone else who is lucky enough to make her acquaintance.

Bec’s family are researching hard to find alternative treatments or clinical trials anywhere in the world that could be effective, but these treatments come at great cost.

As an example, immunotherapy treatment is an option for Bec, hosted in Germany, but can cost up to £35,000 per session. Bec would need a minimum of four sessions over three months, this requires us to raise funds of well over £100,000!

Please help us, to help Bec go into battle with her cancer, with all guns blazing!


Thank You x

Please Help Save Becs, for all of her Family and Friends, as well as for Becs